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Kim and Khloé Call Out Kourtney Kardashian for Not Sharing Enough | KUWTK | E!

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Kim and Khloé Call Out Kourtney Kardashian for Not Sharing Enough | KUWTK | E! - Keeping Up With The Kardashians

While Kourt wants to live a more private life, her “KUWTK” sisters are tired of picking up the slack by sharing more of their lives. Watch their awkward ambush!

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Kim and Khloé Call Out Kourtney Kardashian for Not Sharing Enough | KUWTK | E!


erin Scuderi erin Scuderi A week ago Chloe like respect her boundaries learn some respect you b****
Sailada Siree Dollzzz Sailada Siree Dollzzz A week ago This clip on which episode 😅
berry02 berry02 2 weeks ago Just kick her out of the show. She ows a lot to this show and her family and shes beeing unthankful. Now that she got all of this fame and money she wants to stop.. lets see what will happen to her. She ahould be even thankful she earns her money doing normal everyday stuff.. she doesnt have privacy anymore with or without the show then atleast tell or you side of the story using the show and esrn money from it. She was my fave kardashina beforr but now she ist just acting like a teenager
Iesha Iesha 2 weeks ago We’ll be a fine line
Really Real Really Real 3 weeks ago Kourtney is the normal one
laurenbear18 laurenbear18 3 weeks ago 😂 the way they crash Kourrtneys home hA with cameras etc
_ice cream_ lover _ice cream_ lover 3 weeks ago Well, Kylie had her pregnancy a secret from everyone. Though kourtney had all her pregnancies on camera, all the drama and how she got cheated on! Why does kourtney have to get hate from Kim and khloe? Honestly khloe is turning like Kim and I am starting to find her annoying!
PJ ChJ PJ ChJ 4 weeks ago Kourtney was class act , Kim & Khole logic made me sick🤦‍♂️
Rhiannon McLean Rhiannon McLean 4 weeks ago Kourtney does not have a job. Her only income is from the show and whatever the other sisters give her. By her not working on the show, she is literally trying to solely live off of her sisters. That’s why they’re so angry. Kim runs several brands and has nonprofit work, Khloe runs a clothing line, Kylie has makeup, and Kendall is a model. Every sister works EXCEPT for her. So, yeah, if she’s not pulling her weight on the show, she is literally just living off of her sisters. As far as “Kourtney just isn’t attracted to the fame and social media”... she is when Kim’s fame and social media presence make her money.
adrii soff adrii soff 4 weeks ago 00:37 Stream Fine Line by harry styles
Kiana Flemings Kiana Flemings A month ago I stand w/Kourtney on this...
Donnies Donnies A month ago There is a fine lining a silver lining and a Uterus lining 😂
Ananya Ananya A month ago It's ok if Kourtney wants to keep things private unlike her sisters who just share their private lives for publicity I mean why the hell are they targeting Kourtney in front of the camera.. Come on they are sisters they can do it privately right Tho celebs don't have a private life😂😂
Eeuez Garcia Eeuez Garcia A month ago Kourtney is annoying af but I agree with her here
Jan J Jan J A month ago When you got no talent to be called a celebrity, you just sell out your privacy, yeah right.
Jan J Jan J A month ago OMG they're crazy why force someone to give up their privacy? Seriously, I watched keeping up not because of what you guys expose about your life, I just like how funny you guys are before. But now, my gosh?! Now you guys are so obsessed of being talked about. You complain about how people talks about your split etc yet you're the one who decided to share it. Value your privacy! Let Kourtney share whatever she wants to share. Don't be so petty. She literally live her life in that show. Her kids grew up in that show. When Kim doesn't show much of her kids in the show did Kourtney complained?
Alena Alena A month ago Poor Kourtney! Wish these loser sisters would put her first instead of the show!
Wiltu Wiltu Wiltu Wiltu A month ago I'm with Kourtney on this one.
Tarte Tarte A month ago So she still wants to make money from the show but doesn’t want to be on it so much?? Lol
shasiela z. shasiela z. A month ago this seems fake...
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