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Episode 2 - P.E. with Melanie Martinez

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Episode 2 - P.E. with Melanie Martinez - melanie martinez

Produced in collaboration with YouTube Music, P.E. with Melanie Martinez explores Melanie’s growth through movement and intro to choreography for her feature film K-12. In conversation with her K-12 choreographer, Brian Friedman, the duo discuss their inspiration, favorite moments and how the experience shifted Melanie’s perception of what she can accomplish as an artist.


Brian Friedman

Robbie Blanton

Tiffany Davis


Jasmine Lin

Iz Verdea

Jason Vu

Watch Episode 1: https://melanie.lnk.to/ArtsAndCraftsID

K-12 available now: http://melanie.lnk.to/K-12ID

See Melanie on tour: https://melanie.lnk.to/TourID

Watch K-12: https://melanie.lnk.to/K-12TheFilmID

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Lyla Milbery Lyla Milbery 59 minutes ago wait she’s latina-
winter gamer winter gamer 2 hours ago Her house is cute
ღBaby ღ ღBaby ღ 6 hours ago No entiendo nada de ingles ayuda
Haley Minecraft Haley Minecraft 8 hours ago Helloooo
lai j.c lai j.c 11 hours ago Anyone know the music they used at the end??
Music Loverr Music Loverr 23 hours ago YOO!!! WHAT IF THE BG MUSIC IS A SNEAK PEEK FOR AN EP SONG???
Harleigh Melnychuk Harleigh Melnychuk Yesterday I thought she lived in an apartment- yoo So y’all telling me...THAT MANSION IS HeRs-
•Kãwīï Mägīç Rėīńdëēr ÚwÚ• •Kãwīï Mägīç Rėīńdëēr ÚwÚ• Yesterday Melanie, you’re beautiful! :D . I’m any way, you’re body is imperfectly perfect 🍊 :3
Aesthetic subs Aesthetic subs Yesterday the beat in the beginning Us: OKAY WHERE'S THE SONG LMAO
Drawing with Zam Drawing with Zam Yesterday Melanie Martinez in detentionz:exists Me:Hello police id like to report that my heterosexuality has disappeared
carina etoile UWU carina etoile UWU Yesterday HOW CAN YOU BE SO THIN????!!!!
Angelina Kerbes Angelina Kerbes Yesterday its funny cause in k-12 her best friend is called angelina and my name is angelina (^w^)
Sofienation Sofienation Yesterday I like the songs Recess and orange juice
Katelyn Shadow Katelyn Shadow Yesterday Will there be a k-12 2 ?
Heidi And Violet Gacha Five Nights At Freddy’s Heidi And Violet Gacha Five Nights At Freddy’s 2 days ago Is anyone wondering how she did the black eyes?
gacha Roblox watermelon gacha Roblox watermelon 2 days ago like for k-12 part 2
john luigi Lamarca john luigi Lamarca 2 days ago oh my god, you're house is such a good inspiration
lunar bean lunar bean 2 days ago She should do some kind of house tour because- bro its beautiful
ryan dave ryan dave 2 days ago more video Melanie Martinez plsssssss
Livi Sousa Livi Sousa 2 days ago everything so perfect and wonderful😍
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